Instant lawn installation & maintenance
Instant lawn installation & maintenance

Instant lawn installation & maintenance

How do you install and maintain your instant lawn? Follow the tips below to give your lawn the best start.

Installation / site preparation
1) Mark out area for the instant lawn using paint markers or string line.
2) Remove foreign matter twigs, leaves etc.
3) Spray for weeds using Glyphosate-based chemical (round up etc).

Soil preparation
Soil types can vary greatly however they all need to be rotary hoed, this helps with aeration and compaction. Clay soils will need gypsum and organic based loam added then rotary hoed in. If you have straight sand, adding organic based loam will help with the soil structure and water retention. Once you have rotary hoed, level off and plan your irrigation.

Installing turf
On delivery of your new lawn you will notice 10mm of rich, fertilized soil with every roll. As you water, the fertilizer will push through the soil structure with your new roots into your existing soil.

Once you start laying the turf, lay it in an off-set pattern similar to brick laying, also lay across a slope and use a knife to cut any edges and give it another roll. Water the new lawn throughly.

During the first 2 weeks after laying, water 3 times per day depending on South Australia’s water restrictions. Once roots have established, water less but for longer periods, this will help the roots to push down deep and become more drought tolerant. Between 10-14 days after laying you may start mowing, remembering to only take approximately 30% of leaf per mow. At 6-10 weeks fertilise with a NPK fertiliser.


If the area that needs to be turfed is close to a rectangle or a square, measure your area and calculate the LENGTH x WIDTH.

If your area is unusually shaped another option is a hand-held GPS.

If still no luck, do not hesitate to contact us, we can help!


Roll-out turf, direct from the farm.

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