Instant Lawn, Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Riverland
Instant Lawn, Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Riverland

Roll-out turf, direct from the farm.

Instant lawn at a great price.
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 Our Farm

Our Vision:
Chris and Jo-Anne Wiblin’s family-owned and operated turf farm strives for excellence in offering direct to you the best service and turf products for your residential, commercial or industrial projects.

Murrayland Turf sod farm consists of 15 hectares, producing the very highest quality sod, and is located one hour from Adelaide in the Murraylands area.

Our top quality roll-out turf is easy to establish, and we guarantee the sod is lush, green and fully alive when dispatched direct from our farm to you. So, if you are building a commercial project or a residential development; if you are a landscaper or a homeowner with a vision of creating a green environment; then Murrayland Turf offers a product and direct sales service that will surpass your expectations.

Roll-out turf, direct from the farm. Instant lawn at a great price.

Serving Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, the Riverland area and the Murraylands.


  • All-year round farm-direct sale – no middle men!
  • Wholesale and retail sales
  • Competitive prices
  • Farm pick-up or delivery
  • Delivery to Adelaide
    4 days per week
  • Payments accepted via EFT or cash

In February 2012 I planted 500 square metres of rolled turf purchased from Murrayland Turf. I was in the process of creating a casual wine tasting area and it required some serious turf to set the area off. My problem was that I had recently removed a 100 year old peppercorn tree in that area. Peppercorn trees are invasive and very destructive to soils. I only had time for minimum preparation and the soil was truly horrible.

That, combined with the fact that I planted immediately prior to a decent heat wave lead me to believe that the turf was going to really struggle. Much to my delight I was completely wrong. With only bare minimum TLC the turf took off right away. Within days its roots were into that horrible non-wetting soil and the turf has not looked back.

Based on that experience I can thoroughly recommend turf from Murrayland Turf.

Mick Heward

Heward Estate