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Commercial turf suppliers - Murrayland Turf

Commercial turf suppliers

In Line Ripping
In areas of compaction or water pooling we recommend our Yeomans plough for subsoiling. It has discs on the front to slice through the lawn and sharp points that go down to a depth of 45cm to shatter the compacted soil. This process helps with aeration, root development, salt leaching and water penetration. The points on the Yeomans plough are angled at 8 degrees so that there is no mixing between subsoil and top soil. On completion the area is given a light roll to flatten the ground and then the top 10 cm is airated using another specialised machine.

Line Planting / Sprigging
Need a large area lawned? Sprigging or line planting is more economical than turf as it requires less planting stock.

Our machine breaks up fresh full rolls to produce stolens which are planted, covered with soil and rolled. Hydraulics allow for lifting over irrigation and sprinkler heads.

– sporting ovals
– parks
– large river frontage

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Line Ripping

Watch the video above to see our line ripper in action.

Roll-out turf, direct from the farm.

Instant lawn at a great price.
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